Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gifting a Property to Charity Feels Great!

Gifting a property to a charitable organization is an option for real estate investors who are holding property that fails to produce revenue. While struggling to maintain a depreciating property you could be passing up a federal income tax deduction.

Many homeowners and investors are unaware of their option to gift a property when it becomes an unwanted burden. Selling is not the answer for unproductive property due to associated costs and the actual value of the property. This causes frustration for people who own idle real estate with holding expenses and no return on their investment. There is hope; consider gifting a property to charity and taking a federal tax deduction.

Gifting a property has proven to be the best alternative to selling due to the quick liquidation of assets, numerous tax breaks, and the opportunity to benefit charitable organizations. Property owners and investors are discovering the ease of gifting a property through Open Arms Church, a non-profit organization. Michael Schoen is a licensed real estate agent that specializes in handling all the aspects of the property gifting process for individuals, corporations and charities. He is dedicated to ensuring that property gifting is a positive and rewarding experience for all.

Michael Schoen represents Open Arms Church as he works with property donors and assists the charity who needs help processing real estate donations they receive. He assist the donors with managing details that may be overwhelming. He also helps corporations liquidate property holdings in a timely manner to avoid conflict with government regulations. Charities are able to generate more revenue when we handle the gifted properties they receive.

Regardless of the condition of your property, Central Visions, through Donating Real Estate, can help you obtain the most value. We have helped many people donating nearly every type of property in a range of values. If you are seeking a way out of unproductive real estate, or just looking to gifting a property, then rely on Michael Schoen for the successful completion of the charitable giving process.

Michael Schoen is a Licensed Real Estate Professional who understands all aspects of donating real property to charity. Michael works with the donor and the charity to coordinate a smooth, successful property transfer. Contact Michael Schoen at 248-757-1713 to learn more about donating real estate to charity.